The Naked Midwives provide you with a completely different type of antenatal course. Run by experienced, practicing midwives, the courses are great fun, include refreshments and cover everything you will need to know for your labour, birth and beyond.

  • Friends for life

  • Delivered by inspirational midwives

    Alex & Sam
  • Friendship and support networks for life

  • Social, fun and educational

  • Classes in great surroundings

  • Refreshing approach to birth preparation

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Back in stock by popular demand… Peanut Birthing Balls

Price: £14
Weight: approx 1.5KG
Why you need a ‘Peanut Birthing Ball’ rather than an original birthing ball…
1) It preserves energy and you need lots of this!
2) Encourages your baby to get into the optimal position ready for birth.
3) Enables gravity to assist your progress throughout your labour.
4) Opens up your pelvic outlet providing the maximum amount of space for your baby to descend.
5) Allows you to move freely from side to side with no concerns of falling off.

What we are

The Naked Truth

We are practicing Midwives who are committed to providing alternative and unique preparation for both antenatal and postnatal education. We aren’t a service provider full of fluff or filter, its naked, transparent and honest. As Midwives we know our audience well and more…

What we do

The Naked Concept

Our approach is new, unique and inspirational in both the education we deliver and the beautiful settings in which we work.  We provide you with a fun and relaxing way to prepare for the birth of your new arrival. We have created essential educational day packages, luscious more…

What we do it for

Bare frustration followed by inspiration.

We created The Naked Midwives because we are passionate about teaching and our profession. As practicing Midwives the frustration of so many labouring women with unrealistic expectations and lack of information or preparation led to our inspiration. Managing more…