Antenatal classes delivered by practising midwives in charming venues throughout East Dorset & the New Forest

Antenatal education is absolutely as important as buying the latest limited edition Bugaboo pushchair and travel system! If birth isn’t quite what you were expecting due to lack of information then fear will override, which will likely lead to complications…

1:4 women are fearful of labour and birth but with comprehensive education we can reduce this fear! That’s what makes The Naked Midwives different from other providers, you will:

  • Always be taught by at least one qualified midwife
  • Always get all the facts – no fluff or filter!
  • Be in a lovely, comfortable venue – no draughty halls or school chairs!
  • Be provided with delicious refreshments and/or lunch

The Naked Midwives will certainly provide you with the confidence in your ability to give birth and take the fear out of the unknown.

Having a baby is an exciting and emotional journey. You are becoming parents and The Naked Midwives will fully prepare and  be sure to empower you for this life event. Together with small groups of like-minded people, you will be provided with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure that your birth experience is informing and positive.  The Naked Midwives limit spaces to 10 couples only to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease.  Please book in advance to avoid disappointment and we would suggest booking after your 12 week anomaly scan.  Your course can be undertaken from 26 weeks to 38 weeks gestation – please ensure you book with enough time to enjoy every session!

The Naked Midwives will teach you what you can control. Birth can be unpredictable so we will work with you in all aspects of childbirth. In addition to learning the essentials – when to call the midwife, the early stages of labour, different types of birth and pain relief, you will learn how to adapt your birth environment to suit you and what your birth partner can do to fully support you and be actively involved in this incredible journey. The Naked Midwives will also go through different birth scenarios and discuss preparing a birth ‘wish list’ rather than a plan. You will leave with the confidence to feel empowered, in control and able to make informed decisions for you and your baby.

We understand that becoming parents is so much more than labour and childbirth. That is why we offer a service that covers the first ten days following the birth of your baby – how to cope when you close the front door behind you and realise – this is it, you are parents! We can even provide a postnatal visit at a time to suit you.


Birth Trauma Workshops

What can I expect?
As practising midwives, we completely understand these fears, anxieties and inhibitors in preparing for subsequent births; therefore, we are here to assist you in gaining an understanding of previous events, coach you through coping mechanisms and fully support you in all your maternity needs.

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The Naked Birth: Essential Birth Preparation Antenatal Evening Classes

What can I expect?
As an alternative to the day and half course, The Naked Midwives offer a series of three evening courses.

The Naked Baby: Postnatal Care

What can I expect?
Available to all couples completing one of The Naked Midwives Essential Education packages is the add-on option of a postnatal visit with one of the team within the first ten days of birth.

Young boy feeling his mothers baby bumpExpecting with Siblings Workshop

What can I expect?
This 4 hour workshop has been specifically designed for second time parents to be and provides full and comprehensive training when expecting with siblings.

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Tailor-made Workshops

What can I expect?
Our tailor-made workshops are a specialist designed service to alleviate any anxiety towards labour and birth. Sometimes, it is only when pregnant again, you feel the need to discuss and reflect on your previous labour and birth.

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