What can I expect?

The Naked Midwives offer a series of three evening classes. These classes are held in lovely venues across Bournemouth and the New Forest and the group size is limited to ten couples.  Starting at 18.30, the first evening covers the early stages of labour, when to call the midwife, types of birth and pain relief. The second session will cover the time from having your baby.  From day 1 through to day 10 – it isn’t as scary as it sounds! We will cover safety and calming your baby, the benefit of Vitamin K, delayed cord clamping and skin to skin with your baby.  Finally, the third session covers feeding your baby – be it bottle or breastfeeding and adaptation to motherhood. We will also discuss diet, nutrition and relaxation and unbiased education on parenting choices. 

Course times: 18:30 – 21:00.

What we cover…
  • Healthy pregnancy; nutrition, lifestyle changes, emotional attachment and physical activity
  • The different stages of labour and how your body adapts
  • The baby’s journey and coping strategies
  • Movement and active birth principles and breathing techniques
  • Pain relief options and additional managing techniques
  • Understanding medical induction and intervention
  • Balancing fears and anxiety, self-efficacy and adapting behaviours accordingly
  • Being a birth partner
  • Welcoming baby and care up to 10 days post-delivery; skin to skin, understanding early communication, responsive parenting, feeding options and bonding.
  • Tea/coffee/water/biscuits are provided throughout the evening
  • Resources and social media support group already set up

Three evening sessions for expectant woman and one birth partner – inclusive of essential birth preparation and education, activities, refreshments and social media support group. Price is £248.00 per couple.

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