What can I expect?

A while ago we had a number of messages asking if we could offer a ‘siblings workshop’ –  a class for women expecting their second or subsequent baby.  You asked……we did it!  However, after a few sessions to see how these events would pan out, the whole sibling workshop has evolved and we – and the parents we worked with, found that these events were more beneficial on a 1-2-1 basis.

Therefore we are now offering private meet ups in the comfort of your own home where we can go through your first birth experience, how you felt, what actually happened and potentially why that happened.  We can then discuss labour second or third time around and how it may differ and ways to introduce a new member into your family.  Things are forever changing within maternity services so rest assured you will be in the safe hands of our registered midwives.

Sometimes it is only when pregnant again, you feel the need to discuss and reflect on your previous labour and birth.  The Naked Midwives offer you the perfect environment to do this where you feel comfortable and free to talk…..your own home.

Please call or email to organise a mutually convenient time.   And we promise to bring cake!

Expecting with Siblings
What we cover…
This is a 3-hour session in total, and we tailor it entirely to your needs. A registered midwife will introduce herself beforehand to gain a better understanding of your needs and to organise a convenient date and time for the session. We have only ever had such positive feedback from our siblings workshops, as integrating a new little family member can present you with a whole new set of challenge….Please call or email to organise a convenient time and we promise to bring cake…
  • Preparing your older child for the birth, meeting the new baby & becoming an older sibling.
  • Coping with two – practical advice on managing feeding times, bathing two, getting around and nurturing a positive sibling relationship. (Includes basic sling-wearing advice for hands-free newborn care)
  • Feeding information and advice (breast, bottle, expressing) – solving common feeding issues, settling and swaddling.
  • What happens during labour, how this differs second time, when to call for help and what to do if birth is very quick.
  • Choosing your place of birth: what’s the evidence and where is best for you?
  • Coping skills for birth: water, movement, sound, aromatherapy, medical pain relief options.
  • Focus on the role of the father/partner: looking after your partner, the children and yourself during the birth and early weeks.
  • Reminder on early newborn care (nappies/cord care/jaundice/rashes) and postnatal recovery (wound/stitches/bleeding/pelvic floor)
  • The emotional implications of a second child –looking after your family’s well-being and mental health.

The Naked Midwives – Expecting with Siblings Workshop £300.00 (per couple)

The Naked Midwives – Expecting with Siblings Workshop £300.00 (per couple)