What can I expect?

Our tailor-made workshops are a specialist designed service to alleviate any anxiety towards labour and birth. We work a lot with second time parents as sometimes it is only when pregnant again, you feel the need to discuss and reflect on your previous labour and birth.

When asked to name the happiest day of their lives, many parents will refer to the day their children were born. And yes, for many parents this is a day of absolute joy. But not every mother encounters childbirth in such a positive light, and in some cases, the experience may be traumatizing.

whether this is due to difficulties with physical or emotional problems, unrealistic expectations of the birth experience, feelings of neglect by medical staff, feelings of failure or not having a voice in the decision making surrounding your birth or just being unable to control your fight or flight mechanism. All or any of these factors could contribute to negative thoughts towards any subsequent births.

We also see a lot of first-time parents who have a fear of childbirth, this is known as ‘tokophobia’ and is something very common in the UK. As with any phobia, it can manifest thought several symptoms, including nightmares, panic attacks, feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, disturbing thoughts and a heightened sense of fear.

Many women who suffer with ‘tokophobia’ would be referred to a consultant obstetrician to discuss an elective caesarean section, but we are here to arm you with other options.

As practising midwives, we completely understand these fears, anxieties and inhibitions in preparing for any birth regardless of your background; therefore, due to demand we are here to provide the solution!

Who are the classes for?
  • Classes are set in the privacy of your own home giving you the opportunity to feel as comfortable as possible when emotions may be at a high. Being on a 1-2-1 basis also allows us to really focus on what you want to gain during the session. This specialist service is designed to empower, overcome and provide you with the tools to feel positive about your birth experience.
    • First time mothers (parents-to-be) who may be experiencing thoughts of fear towards the unpredictable event of childbirth.
    • Second time parents or subsequent births following a previous traumatic experience.
    • Surrogate parents who may need support surrounding the birth process
    • IVF pregnancies who may feel they would gain more from a 1-2-1 session
    • Pregnant couples who may have an existing health problem or background they would rather not share in a group setting.
What we cover…

This entirely depends upon you! This is a 3-hour session in total, and we tailor it entirely to your needs. A registered midwife will introduce herself beforehand to gain a better understanding of your needs and to organise a convenient date and time for the session. We have only ever had such positive feedback from our tailor-made workshops, and it is possible to overcome such fears….Please call or email to organise a convenient time and we promise to bring cake…

The Naked Midwives – Tailor-made Workshops Workshop £350.00 (per couple)

We also provide a top-up service for if you wanted to revisit of refresh some of the techniques and support mechanisms achieved at your first session. This is a 1-hour session in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Again…Please call or email to organise a mutually convenient time and we promise to bring cake…

The Naked Midwives – Tailor-made Workshops Workshop Top-up £97.00 (per couple for one hour)