Free Breastfeeding Workshop For Pregnant Ladies in Lymington

Oskubox Nordic Deli, Lymington, Saturday 18th November 10am-11.30am.

This one and a half hour workshop will talk briefly about anatomy and physiology and the well-established benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. We will discuss massage and hand expression (which you can start before baby is born), the composition of breast milk, how to hold baby, different feeding positions, how to look out for a good attachment and latch, feeding/sleep patterns, early relationship bonding, breast care, common problems and what support groups are available. Partners welcome.

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Competition Time…Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary With A 96% Vaginal Birth Rate!

Wow what a fantastic year so far…Sam and I have had the pleasure of guiding so many expectant parents and lovely couples through the preparation of one of the most exciting but daunting times of their lives and what fun we have had! The feedback so far has quite honestly been overwhelming and we continue to grow day by day, even now venturing into the unknown territory (for a midwife) of YouTube… eek. We are so excited and proud that we have achieved a 96% vaginal birth rate that we are offering 5 lucky couples a 50% discount on our November or December 2017 classes. All you have to do is leave you details on our contact form with COMPETITION TIME as your message and we’ll enter you into our competition. Our free workshops also seem to be taking off well and we have lots of little projects on the go that I’m sure you will all be hearing about soon so please keep an eye on our FB page or events.

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Free Pregnancy Q & A’s Workshop in Bournemouth

The Arcado Lounge, Christchurch, Monday 6th November, 17:30-19:30pm.

Just found out you’re pregnant and have a million and one questions? Dont get confused trolling through all the different and conflicting information on the internet, come along and meet the experts Alex and Sam from The Naked Midwives who will put your mind at ease…

This free two hour workshop will talk briefly about anatomy and physiology of your changing body and will help you to understand the different trimesters and the stages of development of your growing baby. We will also focus on the lifestyle changes you may need to make including foods, medicines, caffeine, weight gain and healthy eating & exercise plans.  You will learn about early pregnancy symptoms, what is normal and what is not and how to cope with them or who to contact if you aren’t.

There will also be a discussion on current maternity services and birth choice to include when to expect to see your midwife, what screening is available, where to have your baby and what to do if you feel something is not right.

This workshop is aimed at pregnant couples between 12 and 20 weeks pregnant. You are more than welcome to come alone or bring along your birth partner (partner, mum, sister, friend).

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