The Exclusive 3AM Club

Not only do you have contact with a fully qualified midwife from the point of taking one of our courses up until 10 days postnatally, for none urgent enquiries, but also access to the brand new 3AM club…you won’t find support like this with any other antenatal education provider out there!

The exciting and exclusive 3AM club is the perfect complement to our comprehensive and unique antenatal birth preparation courses. It is a social platform designed for providing support, advice, friendship and much, much more and is only accessible to new parents of the naked midwives.

This community will be filled with hints and tips, suggestions, distress calls, 3AM chats, milestone markers, general questions, reassuring similarities and no doubt common problems, from both like-minded expectant parents and new to the scene parents. So…if you are either awaiting the big arrival or in the chaos of your first experiences of parenting, this will be an invaluable resource to a very select group.

As midwives we cannot emphasise enough the benefits of having people to reach out to who are in the same position as yourself…It really is that lifeline when you are in a world where everything is new and forever changing. Becoming a new parent is an overwhelming change to the lifestyle you will have become accustomed to and by being a part of the naked midwives and the 3AM club you will find comfort and calmness in knowing you’re not the only one who is wide awake at 3AM with a hungry baby!

Only couples who have completed one of our courses will gain access to the 3AM club and will be free to post, chat and catch up with what’s new. You will find a vast array of mum’s, some still in pregnancy, some with newborns and some with older babies and toddlers…the idea being you can check out what’s to come (eek) or share tips between other mums with babies of a similar age but whatever, there will always be someone like minded to share knowledge with. 

Please note this is a closed group which is only accessible if you have completed one of our courses.