When 3 Become 4…Education For 2nd Time Parents

Birth is very unpredictable and even though it’s true most second babies tend to come quicker it doesn’t necessarily mean straight forward. There are lots of different pathways which will lead to the birth of your baby, and although it’s a good idea to think over your birth plan, we at The Naked Midwives see this as more of an opportunity to research your options, as there’s no true way of knowing which path you may take.


We feel the lack of antenatal birth preparation classes can be of a disadvantage to second time mum’s, but as practicing midwives we know the huge pressure’s the NHS is under right now. Things are forever changing in maternity services and it’s paramount to get the correct information on board in order to help you achieve a positive birth.


“We found it such a useful and empowering session to work through what I wanted for the birth of Baby W number 2, and to understand and reflect on how this might be different to my first birth experience. It was great to involve Ben and Alex also – and for us, being able to do so at home made it a really relaxed experience” January 2019


It’s also very common to have feelings of fear when you fall pregnant a second time and quite often this encourages us to reflect, and maybe unanswered questions from the first time around surface. Sometimes it’s just a bigger gap in between sibling and you can’t remember how you coped last time (or you’ve blocked this out!)


It’s always a good idea to talk through your first delivery with your midwife and discuss what changes have been made to our practice and what’s new/available now. This will help you feel more confident and in control of your labour.


If you feel extra support would be useful to you and your family then please check out our sibling’s workshop tailored directly to your needs. Not only do we go over your previous delivery, we provide you with current birth preparation education and ways in which to introduce the new arrival to its sibling!




Men In Childbirth…

A guy called Micheal Odent, a French obstetrician and child birth specialist, once said men should ‘stay away from childbirth’. We are here to say this is the 21st Century and the said ‘men’ are the ones that helped put this miracle of new life in there in the first place!

His belief was that the presence of men during their partner’s labour produced adrenaline. . Odent stated “If she can’t release oxytocin, she can’t have effective contractions, and everything becomes more difficult. Labour becomes longer, more painful and more difficult because the hormonal balance in the woman is disturbed by the environment that’s not appropriate because of the presence of the man”.

As practicing midwives, there is a lot we can agree with in what Michale Odent suggests, however, the hormone oxytocin is produced first and foremost when women have an orgasm! It is known as the hormone of love or “the cuddle” hormone. Effective ways to increase oxytocin include reducing stress and anxiety by increasing feelings of calmness and security, improve mood and increase feelings of contentment and to have an orgasm…most women however wouldn’t consider sex during labour, but it’s not been unheard of…! All this is designed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which prompts your adrenal glands to release adrenaline.

At the Naked Midwives we passionately believe that if men are educated and understand the birth process with realistic expectations then they are indeed the ‘guardians of oxytocin’. By gaining an understanding of how their loved one may react to contractions, the changes to her behaviour and body, how labour should progress and the coping techniques they can help instil, they will indeed help with the flow of oxytocin.

Michael Odent is correct in the sense that men can cause adrenaline levels to rise in labour if they panic. It can be really scary seeing your partner in pain and there’s usually an overwhelming sense of not being able to do anything…then labour can be longer and more painful. However, if men are well prepared, especially for the early stages of labour (the latent phase) then actually the loved shared between a labouring couple can only rocket those oxytocin levels…hence “the cuddle hormone”.

At the Naked Midwives we’re always overwhelmed by the positive feedback we get from the men attending our courses, and we are speedily gathering our own little herd of the ‘guardians of oxytocin’.


Realistic NOT Idealistic Education