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Finn’s story…

The Naked Midwives have teamed up with over 50 people to complete the Great South Run in October, to help fundraise for Finn. The GSR Is 10 miles long and for some of those running, this will be such an amazing achievement! Finn is 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. Recently his parents have […]

The importance of creating the right birth environment

THE IMPORTANCE OF BIRTH ENVIRONMENT Your environment sets the tone for your birth experience. From home to hospital, every birth environment has challenges and benefits worth exploring. In the early stages of labour (known as the latent phase) we understand through research; you are more likely to progress further whilst at home. This is very […]

The beauty of Gentle Caesarean Section

There are many reasons women may need a C-section. Sometimes the situation could present as an emergency but often the problem is that labour simply isn’t progressing. Some women will already know they are having a C-section and are booked in for a planned elective C-section, usually around the 39th week of pregnancy if it’s […]

TheBareMum tries Cloth Nappies

I am in no way a nappy expert. However, I have been cloth nappy-ing baby bums for several years now. So I thought I’d share my experience from my corner of the world… I fell into cloth nappies with our first daughter, purely because I was wanting to keep costs down, living off one wage […]

Remaining active with an epidural

Epidurals certainly have their place in labour and there are two schools of thought on why there is a slightly increased risk of either an instrumental delivery or a caesarean section. Firstly, are you in need of a higher form of pain relief because of the possibility your baby has got into a difficult position […]

Pregnant women: look after your legs!

The Naked Midwives recently met the lovely Esther, mum to three and developer of Mary Marguerite maternity compression leggings. Please take 2 minutes to read her story as such a great concept. PROMO CODE: NAKEDPROMO to receive a third off retail price at www.marymarguerite.com Esther Demery, mum to three boys, explains why she developed MaryMarguerite maternity […]

Men In Childbirth…

A guy called Micheal Odent, a French obstetrician and child birth specialist, once said men should ‘stay away from childbirth’. We are here to say this is the 21st Century and the said ‘men’ are the ones that helped put this miracle of new life in there in the first place! His belief was that […]