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For 25th June’s episode, Alexandra Williams and Samantha Pantlin from The Naked Midwives provide a completely different type of antenatal course.

Just Women is introduced by two of the following presenters – Jackie Mitchell, Amanda Weller, Penny Carter, Ivana O’Brien, Anne Twist, Mandy Dineley and Lynda Berger. Just Women is on at Tuesdays at 1pm and repeated on Thursdays 8pm.

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Pregnant women: look after your legs!

The Naked Midwives recently met the lovely Esther, mum to three and developer of Mary Marguerite maternity compression leggings. Please take 2 minutes to read her story as such a great concept. PROMO CODE: NAKEDPROMO to receive a third off retail price at

Esther Demery, mum to three boys, explains why she developed MaryMarguerite maternity compression leggings:

Did you know that about 40% of women experience varicose vein issues in pregnancy? If you’re pregnant, have you noticed swelling or general achiness in your legs by the end of the day? Did you know that your blood volume increases by 25 to 40% when you are pregnant? Or that increased hormone levels relax the muscular walls of your blood vessels? This increased blood flow puts pressure on your legs, and this is what causes circulatory problems for many women during pregnancy. Health professionals regularly prescribe the wearing ofcompression garments to help reduce the risk of blood pooling in the veins and to relieve any discomfort caused by poor circulation.

I, for one, never thought that I would get varicose veins. It was only whilst pregnant with my second son that I noticed spider-like veins appearing on my legs. I couldn’t believe it, as I had always considered myself to be fairly healthy, the right sort of weight and pretty active. I felt very self-conscious about my legs, but as the heaviness and discomfort grew worse, I had to overcome my embarrassment and show my midwife. I was then prescribed NHS compression stockings. Wearing compression was a great relief, but my flesh-coloured stockings made me feel so unattractive! Thankfully, my last two pregnancies were mainly during the winter so I could keep my legs out of view!

I felt that pregnant women deserved a better product. Why not design some maternity compression wear that could be worn without having to cover up? That’s when I thought about designing leggings that could do the same job as compression stockings. Black leggings are so versatile; they can be worn as a stand-alone garment or combined with other clothes, and with compression built into the legs, they would offer the relief that pregnant women need. That’s what MaryMarguerite leggings are all about: quality compression and versatility. Our leggings are tested to British Standard for compression garments and they are made of luxurious Italian fabric. The bump panel is made of silky soft stretch fabric which can be worn up or down depending on the stage of pregnancy.

They are compression leggings that can be worn without embarrassment, whatever the occasion, whatever the season; a garment that lifts pregnant women, helping them to feel both comfortable and stylish.

MaryMarguerite leggings are:

  • made from luxurious and strong Italian fabric
  • lovingly designed and manufactured in the UK
  • tested to British Standard for graduated compression (BS7563 non-prescriptive graduated support hosiery)
  • as medically reliable as any compression stockings your doctor would prescribe
  • a pregnancy investment to help you look after your legs
  • flexible for any stage of pregnancy (or beyond), because the bump panel can be worn up or down as required

Website: www.marymarguerite.come-mail:

When 3 Become 4…Education For 2nd Time Parents

Birth is very unpredictable and even though it’s true most second babies tend to come quicker it doesn’t necessarily mean straight forward. There are lots of different pathways which will lead to the birth of your baby, and although it’s a good idea to think over your birth plan, we at The Naked Midwives see this as more of an opportunity to research your options, as there’s no true way of knowing which path you may take.


We feel the lack of antenatal birth preparation classes can be of a disadvantage to second time mum’s, but as practicing midwives we know the huge pressure’s the NHS is under right now. Things are forever changing in maternity services and it’s paramount to get the correct information on board in order to help you achieve a positive birth.


“We found it such a useful and empowering session to work through what I wanted for the birth of Baby W number 2, and to understand and reflect on how this might be different to my first birth experience. It was great to involve Ben and Alex also – and for us, being able to do so at home made it a really relaxed experience” January 2019


It’s also very common to have feelings of fear when you fall pregnant a second time and quite often this encourages us to reflect, and maybe unanswered questions from the first time around surface. Sometimes it’s just a bigger gap in between sibling and you can’t remember how you coped last time (or you’ve blocked this out!)


It’s always a good idea to talk through your first delivery with your midwife and discuss what changes have been made to our practice and what’s new/available now. This will help you feel more confident and in control of your labour.


If you feel extra support would be useful to you and your family then please check out our sibling’s workshop tailored directly to your needs. Not only do we go over your previous delivery, we provide you with current birth preparation education and ways in which to introduce the new arrival to its sibling!




The New Forest Birth Centre Fundraiser – Lymington Press

MIDWIVES in the region have come together to celebrate the profession and raise £760 to help support new birthing services. In 1992, the annual International Day of the Midwife was established to honour their work across the world. To celebrate the day this year, The Naked Midwives hosted an afternoon garden party for current and past midwives and new parents and expectant parents at the New Forest Birth Centre in Ashurst. The Naked Midwives is a local company that provides comprehensive antenatal and new parent education classes in venues through the New Forest and Dorset. Over 100 people turned up to view the birth centre, meet the staff and browse a range of products and services for parents. The event featured a bespoke mocktail bar, vintage ice-cream cart, bunting and hay bales. A raffle was also held to help raise the funds needed to provide a new aromatherapy service for the birth centre and Broadlands, the low risk birth centre at Princess Anne Hospital. The event was officially opened by Sister Kay Duggan, who has recently retired from Southampton’s Princess Anne Maternity Unit after being a midwife for over 40 years, and starred in Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute. She said that while the role has changed considerably over the years, the hard work, commitment and high level of care provided by every midwife has not. Joint owners of The Naked Midwives, Alex Williams and Samantha Pantlin, said: “It’s so important that midwives are recognised for the hard work and commitment they put in — plus it gives us and the staff at The New Forest Birth Centre a chance to see some of the babies and new parents we have looked after.” One couple who had recently completed a course by The Naked Midwives said: “Without their advice, support and guidance, I don’t think I would have emotionally or physically managed the feat that is childbirth.” Further details about The Naked Midwives and the range of classes available can be found at

TNM talk to The Daily Mail about what EVERY woman should know before going into labour.

Midwives on what EVERY woman should know before going into labour – including the SIX overnight bag essentials (and why your husband might not be the best birthing partner)

  • Bournemouth midwives Samantha Pantlin and Alex Williams share advice
  • They’ve established Naked Midwives to ensure women are prepared 
  • Reveal the six things you need to pack and how to choose birthing partner  

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