TheBareMum tries Cloth Nappies

I am in no way a nappy expert. However, I have been cloth nappy-ing baby bums for several years now. So I thought I’d share my experience from my corner of the world…

I fell into cloth nappies with our first daughter, purely because I was wanting to keep costs down, living off one wage and all. We were using Naty disposables which were costing a LOT of money every month. I didn’t want to use non-eco nappies as I wasn’t happy with the chemicals/plastic sitting next to my babies bum 24/7. Nor did I like the idea that they weren’t biodegradable in any shape or form.

So when ‘i’ was 3-4 months old, we started to look into reusables.


I did (thankfully) come across The Nappy Lady . I saw that she had a questionnaire on her website that you could fill out to find the best nappy brand for you and your babies needs. BRILLIANT! …and this still exists by the way and I highly recommend, and even more so now as there are more and more brands coming on to the market.

The top recommendation for us was ‘Tot Bots Bamboozle’ Size 2s (Birth to Potty size) and ‘Motherease‘ Wraps. The whole kit of 25 odd nappies, bucket, wet bag, wipes & wraps came to around £300. Eeekkkkk, was this a good investment? Would they work? Would I have time to wash them? Will they leak? I hummed and hawed for a few weeks. But in the end I thought sod it, for the price it’s about 6 months worth of eco-disposables and I’ll need them for at least another 18 months.

So they arrived, I watched videos on YouTube on how to put them on properly. Once I got used to them, they were fab! There was no going back. There were no leaks, no poonamis, and it felt really good having no nappies to put into the black refuge bin, well only the one we use at night time.

I in 2016, E in 2019. Both in Tot Bots

There were a few glitches though. The ‘Motherease Rikki’ Wraps didn’t fit my daughter well, so I swapped them for ‘Nature Babies‘ which were much better. Also we didn’t get on with them at night, despite using gazillion boosters and liners…so we did you a disposable at night. But 1 is better than 6 per day, right!

Once the routine was in place: washing every other night & hanging them up on our indoor rack it really didn’t feel like any extra work. In reality it probably takes an extra 5-10 mins per day compared to disposables.

I use ‘Bio-D Non-Bio‘ and ‘Bio-D Nappy Fresh‘ laundry products, which don’t leave any horrid perfume smell but equally clean VERY well. A pre-wash and/or extra rinse is needed too. Weaning/semi-solid poos aren’t the best for cleaning, but I just rinse them in the loo flush. Also using a fleece liner can be helpful.

I hear you thinking “all that washing can’t be good for the environment”. Actually The Nappy Lady has a very good article about efficiency. Disposable nappies use a LOT of water and petrochemicals in the manufacturing of them…most washing machines nowadays are quite efficient anyway.

Then in 2018 a little E came along. So we planned to use the same – Tot Bots & Nature Babies Wraps. Easy. She got to around 6 months, and the nappies weren’t fitting her well, they were too small! Our little chunk had outgrown the nappies that our elder one wore until 2+!

Back to square one. This time I asked a cloth nappy group on Facebook for recommendations for long & chubby babies! Many were recommending Bambino Miosolos. So I bought one from eBay to see if it fit well and it did! I bought some new and some almost new and sold all my Tot Bots. It was pretty much a direct swap! Plus here in Bournemouth, they do a cloth nappy incentive so I received £30 off my purchases. So it is worth checking your local councils!

I LOVE the Bambino Miosolo. I wonder whether we should have bought them last time as they are much quicker to handle as they are all-in-ones (pocket nappy).

It may seem that cloth are the “in” thing at the moment and I am so glad, but it is NOT just a fad. Cloth is the original nappy. Disposables are very much a new thing, and they do have their place (we still use one at night time). But I believe mums and dads should aim to try and involve cloth. It’s much easier and cheaper than you may think. The bonus is it feels really good knowing you’re not adding to the 1+ billion nappies being put to landfill EVERYDAY.

**Definitely check out The Nappy Lady. There is a lot of info there from the questionnaire I mentioned, to the myths around nappies and how to care & clean them**

Our new Bambino Miosolos
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