The New Forest Birth Centre Fundraiser – Lymington Press

MIDWIVES in the region have come together to celebrate the profession and raise £760 to help support new birthing services.
In 1992, the annual International Day of the Midwife was established to honour their work across the world.
To celebrate the day this year, The Naked Midwives hosted an afternoon garden party for current and past midwives and new parents and expectant parents at the New Forest Birth Centre in Ashurst.

TNM Talk to The Daily Mail

TNM talk to The Daily Mail about what EVERY woman should know before going into labour.

Midwives on what EVERY woman should know before going into labour – including the SIX overnight bag essentials (and why your husband might not be the best birthing partner) Bournemouth midwives Samantha Pantlin and Alex Williams share advice They’ve established Naked Midwives to ensure women are prepared  Reveal the six things you need to pack […]

Body Image

Beyond the bump…embracing our postnatal bodies

You can finally see your feet – a small but significant event after having a baby – that and being able to actually see whilst you shave your legs!

Alex & Sam

Baby London/Baby Hampshire meets the Naked Midwives: Hampshire’s new authority to antenatal and parent-craft classes

Antenatal and parent-craft classes have, until now, always followed a similar pattern and content. However, new to the birth education scene is The Naked Midwives. Whilst the founders are midwives – they are not naked! The name refers to the comprehensive classes, covering all birth eventualities together with the joys and challenges that parenting presents.

Birth Preperation

40 Weeks and Counting…

So, you have reached 40 weeks and one day in your pregnancy.  What happens next……. Well the phone will ring and ping constantly with family and friends asking if you have had the baby yet that’s one thing that will definitely happen!    Your ‘due date’ is really a calculated estimate of a date.   Midwives categorise […]