Finn’s story…

The Naked Midwives have teamed up with over 50 people to complete the Great South Run in October, to help fundraise for Finn. The GSR Is 10 miles long and for some of those running, this will be such an amazing achievement!

Finn is 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. Recently his parents have had the very exciting, if not a little scary news that Finn is eligible for SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy), which he is due to have in Bristol, in the Summer. The surgery is spinal surgery that involves  permanently cutting the sensory nerves, to get rid of the excess tone and spasticity. 

The surgery however is only half of the story, as there is also a 2 year rehabilitation program to follow afterwards, which is absolutely essential to ensure the surgery is as successful and life changing as possible. Unfortunately the NHS are unable to provide all the physiotherapy and rehabilitation required. So this is why we are fundraising, to raise money to fund as much extra private physiotherapy, as possible to ensure the surgery is a complete success for Finn.

Finn is one amazing, happy, cheeky and determined little man and by having this surgery and rehabilitation, we hope it will reduce how much he uses his wheelchair, improve his mobility, reduce his pain, give him more independence and overall give him a better quality of life in the future. Let the training begin….

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