Free Breastfeeding Workshop For Pregnant Ladies In Bournemouth

The Arcado Lounge, Christchurch, Tuesday 6th February, 17:30-19:00

This one and a half hour workshop will talk briefly about anatomy and physiology and the well-established benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby. We will discuss massage and hand expression (which you can start before baby is born), the composition of breast milk, how to hold baby, different feeding positions, how to look out for a good attachment and latch, feeding/sleep patterns, early relationship bonding, breast care, common problems and what support groups are available. Please click on the link to book your free place Eventbrite

Free Pregnancy Q & A’s Workshop in Bournemouth

The Arcado Lounge, Christchurch, Monday 6th November, 17:30-19:30pm.

Just found out you’re pregnant and have a million and one questions? Dont get confused trolling through all the different and conflicting information on the internet, come along and meet the experts Alex and Sam from The Naked Midwives who will put your mind at ease…

This free two hour workshop will talk briefly about anatomy and physiology of your changing body and will help you to understand the different trimesters and the stages of development of your growing baby. We will also focus on the lifestyle changes you may need to make including foods, medicines, caffeine, weight gain and healthy eating & exercise plans.  You will learn about early pregnancy symptoms, what is normal and what is not and how to cope with them or who to contact if you aren’t.

There will also be a discussion on current maternity services and birth choice to include when to expect to see your midwife, what screening is available, where to have your baby and what to do if you feel something is not right.

This workshop is aimed at pregnant couples between 12 and 20 weeks pregnant. You are more than welcome to come alone or bring along your birth partner (partner, mum, sister, friend).

Please book your free place through EventBrite


40 Weeks and Counting…

So, you have reached 40 weeks and one day in your pregnancy.  What happens next……. Well the phone will ring and ping constantly with family and friends asking if you have had the baby yet that’s one thing that will definitely happen!    Your ‘due date’ is really a calculated estimate of a date.   Midwives categorise full term pregnancy as any time between 37 and 42 – that is a full five week window.   So by concentrating on your due date, feeling fed up and disappointed the star attraction has not yet made an appearance by this magical date can lead to feelings of frustration.

Leading French Obstetrician,  Michel Odent  likens full term pregnancy to ripe fruit on a tree.  The fruit will not all be ready for picking at the same time and decide to fall when it is ready, when the time is appropriate.

This will probably be the last time it is just you and your partner together, alone.  If you go on to have more children then, when you are past your due date on your next pregnancy, you’ll have a little one to cope with as well.   Enjoy your time together.  Go on a date night, nice forest or beach walks – it may be a while until you get to do this again!   Spending time with your partner and loved ones creates the magical oxytocin – the hormone of love, which, in turn will create the optimal environment to encourage labour to start.  Try not to wish the time away however tempting that may be, there are a number of suggestions that you may find helpful at this time.

Spoil yourself a little.  There appears to be a huge growth for beauty treatments to be undertaken – hair/nails/bikini lines towards the end of pregnancy.  Although remember, your midwife will have seen it all before so do not feel any pressure to undertake any beauty treatments!  But take care of you.  Enjoy nutritional food, you may like to invite some friends over but insist they all bring ‘a plate’ so you can socialise without the stress or hard work of hosting.  Enjoy some gentle exercise and yet rest when you feel like it.   This may be the optimal time for catching up on that box set you have been meaning to watch!

However you spend your time try, if you can to be patient, and just go with it and let it be.  Monitor baby movements, rest and enjoy these last few days of carrying your baby with you.  This magical time is soon forgotten.