Feeling that you have the right information, support and guidance throughout your journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond is paramount.

As practicing and registered midwives, we not only see, but understand how every pregnancy is individual and how birth can be unpredictable!

That is why ‘The Naked Midwives’ have created a support and guidance consultation line. Calls are tailored to your individual needs and cover the time frame from your 20-week anomaly scan up until 10 days postnatal. This enables you to feel both comforted and secure throughout this momentous time in your life, knowing all the answers to your questions are in the best hands and just a phone call away.

Frequently addressed topics include:

  • What if your pregnancy goes from low risk to high risk?
  • Overcoming the fear of childbirth.
  • Understanding what your options are.
  • How to cope during the latent phase of labour and how important this is?
  • What do the men do?
  • Why is breastfeeding more difficult than birth?
  • Why won’t my baby settle?

Oxytocin is the hormone of love and vital for the progression of labour. Oxytocin is at its most supreme when you are in a relaxed and secure space. Adrenaline is its nemesis! This is where your fight or flight reaction comes into play and knowledge is power, which means your oxytocin will be in full flow if all your questions/concerns/anxieties are answered at your convenience by a midwife at the end of the phone. Let the ‘Naked Midwives’ be your fight!

A 30-minute call costs £25.00 and can be booked in advance for your convenience by using the buy now button – and drop-down calendar.

Please note, you will be redirected to our third-party app Calendly to complete your booking. Monthly calls can be arranged and charged at a reduced rate. All calls are strictly confidential.