a4cf0b32-3182-44a0-bbba-12255a1f796cFor many years I made excuses about my career – there was always a reason why I shouldn’t become a midwife but then a family illness made me realise that life isn’t a rehearsal!  For several years I had worked as a tailor made travel agent – a lovely job with some great travel but I always seem to be drawn back to Midwifery.  After having three children of my own, I knew the difference a good midwife can make.  Eventually I decided to stop saying ‘oh I’d love to be a midwife’ and see if I could make it a reality.  After completing an Access course I applied to Bournemouth University and got a place – a feeling of both terror and thrill in equal measure!

There were both tough and exhausting days but I never doubted my decision.   The first time I saw a baby being born it felt like such a privilege and I still feel the same way now.  Being able to support women and be their advocate at such a life changing time is pretty special.   I still practice as a midwife and I have done many parent craft education classes and worked in both high risk and low risk birth centres.   I love working with women – all of whom come to us with their own unique story and I feel that giving new parents accurate and informative information, and tips on dealing with pregnancy, birth and the early days at home enables them to enjoy their journey and feel empowered and strong.